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K.M.Rives is a California girl living in a North Carolina world….for now. After all, home is where the Army tells her husband they’re going. She’s a lover of dungeons and dragons, singing at the top of her lungs and all things dessert. Most days you can find her wrangling her two young daughters and finding any moment she can to sneak away into the worlds she writes.

  • Her favorite tropes are enemies to lovers, age gap and forbidden romance. 

  • She has lived in three different countries. (USA, Japan, Germany) 

  • Her favorite colors are dark green and blue. 

  • She has a bachelors degree in Advertising. 

  • She's a huge nerd. She was in marching and concert band, loves dungeons and dragons, lives for broadway and is obsessed with Star Wars. 

  • Reading is her favorite way to destress. 

  • She lives for summer storms. 

  • Learning new things is her favorite hobby. 

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