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Flora wants nothing more than to be turned into a vampire. Fate had other plans.

No longer a member of the Culling, Flora was ready to find strength in herself and start a new chapter of her life with the Scottish delegation of vampires.

Instead, she finds herself thrown to the wolves. Quite literally. Now she has to convince the broody heir of the Moon Ridge pack to help her best friend and try to stop an impending war. Only, he has something else in mind and offers her a deal she can’t resist. This new adventure is dangerous. Treacherous. Exciting. But may very well end with her death. And not the live-forever death she had in mind.

Draven has his own reasons for refusing to turn the pampered princess into a vampire. The least of them being that his wolf is inexplicably drawn to her in ways he doesn’t understand. But there’s a lot about Flora that’s hidden beneath the surface. Not only did she show up wearing the other half of the moonstone, a lost relic that could change everything for the wolves, but she outed him as a hybrid in front of his entire pack. Something he’s kept hidden his whole life because it could destroy everything he’s built.

With Draven’s role in the pack on the line and Flora’s need to protect those she loves most, they must work together to find the other half of the moonstone and make everyone happy. But when their mission is complete and it’s time to go their separate ways, will they listen to what they’ve always been taught or will they surrender to the monsters within?

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